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Awesome election results [Nov. 7th, 2012|12:17 am]
Alan De Smet

Results are still being counted, but it seems clear a lot of good things happened tonight:

Obviously, Barack Obama won a second term. I have a lot of problems with Obama (drone strikes, keeping Guantanamo open, targeted killings of Americans, and more), but Romney kept everything bad about Obama and added more (homophobia, anti-guaranteed health care). So, huzzah!

The polls were suggesting it was going to happen, but I'm surprised and happy that Tammy Baldwin, a Madison liberal, and a lesbian to boot, defeated Tommy Thompson, a man who was governor for 14 years. I was betting against Baldin, even as I hoped.

It looks like Maine, Maryland, and Washington have all voted in favor of same-sex marriages, and Minnesota has rejected adding homophobia to their constitution. Homophobia is on its way out; soon 5 states will recognize gay marriage. Five years ago I would have bet the turning point on gay marriage was 20 or more years away, but it's right now!

Finally, on the less critical front, Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana. (Or more accurately, said that the state shall legalize marijuana, after setting up regulations.) It's not as essential as the other races and referendums, but it is a nice sign of sanity winning out. (Washington also voted to require a supermajority for tax increases, so don't worry about sanity being too dominant.)

All in all, a pretty sweet night.


From: haversian
2012-11-07 07:53 am (UTC)
And some notable dickbags across the country got defeated. Akin, et al., I'm looking at you. A qualified success.
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